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Bob Eccles (Founder)

Bob Eccles is the Founder of The Local Marketing Connection. Bob grew his business using Online Marketing and then went on to help other local businesses do the same with his Agency. Bob started The Local Marketing Connection to help business owners market their business online, so that they can focus on doing what they love instead.

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Website Creation and Hosting

You need more than a website. You need a website that is designed to convert visitors into active customers. Let our lead marketing team build you a site that brings in new business and increased profits.

Social Media Content/Scheduling

Power up your Facebook page with custom marketing content that is branded with your logo. 2 posts a day every single day. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus more on doing what you love.


Reach 100’s Even 1000’s Of Customers Weekly That Are… Willing To Spend $78 or More Per Visit! Having An external birthday club is by far one of the most beneficial revenue boosters you could ever create for your business.

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